Abhishek Rathore

Abhishek SirAbhishek Rathore is a highly accomplished professional with a strong academic background(MBA) and around 15 years of industry experience. Known for his strategic mindset and analytical prowess, Abhishek has consistently demonstrated excellence in various aspects of business management.

With a keen interest in the intersection of business strategy and innovation, Abhishek Rathore has successfully navigated the complex landscape of the business world. His MBA education equipped him with a solid foundation in finance, marketing, operations, and leadership, providing him with a holistic understanding of business dynamics.



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Abhishek’s professional journey is marked by a series of impactful roles in which he has contributed significantly to business growth and development. His ability to translate complex business challenges into strategic solutions has set him apart in the corporate arena.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Abhishek is known for his commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry trends. He is passionate about fostering collaboration and believes in the power of effective leadership to drive positive change.

As a forward-thinking professional, Abhishek remains dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the business world, leveraging his expertise and experience to create sustainable and impactful outcomes.