Consulting & IT Staffing Services

We deeply understand the business nature of the software development industry and the associated challenges. Few companies have all the resources in-house, At some point in time we have to go out in the broader market to get resources for a short-duration project, for specific technology stack, or to achieve cost savings. What if you come to us & we don’t have the required resource in-house ? No worries, SoftPower is highly transparent in its business approach. You give us a timeline and we’ll get the best of breed through our proven Staffing Service –

How do we do that ?

  1. Our Location – We are strategically located in tier-II & tier-III cities of India that have abundant pool of engineering colleges churning out fresh & talented software engineers. Nearly equal abundance of senior software engineers in these markets helps us in keeping competitive hourly rates & high employee retention rates. Thus keeping Cost-Benefit-Ratio lower.
  2. Customer Knowledge – As a best practice, we invest time in understanding our clients’ business & IT requirements. This helps in attracting, filtering & evaluating the best suited professional talent.
  3. Sourcing Strategy – Utilizing and leveraging our deeper and wider market understanding and reach, helps us making the best use of our experience & strategies such as referral bonus and part-time developers, to collect filter and select suitable professional talent.
  4. Screening & Selection – Our clients are the most important link in this whole process. Prospective clients screen every profile that was evaluated, filtered, selected and forwarded to them by our internal team. Our proven & mature processes helps saving our clients’ precious time.
  5. Account Management – Once the candidate is finalized and selected by client, the process doesn’t end there. In fact, the next phase of maintaining continuous feedback & business relationship management starts.

What if you have freelance developer & you are looking for a guardian in the market ?

No worries, we have come up with a unique idea where in SoftPower will hire your ‘Freelance Resource‘ at an  nominal monthly fee addition to your freelance developer monthly fee. This is to manage their day-to-day work to day track, making available replacement in his/ her absence & other unforeseen situations. Thus saving your precious time from such operational activities. If your project demands and your business agrees, we can even develop a team around the existing resource to form a Dedicated ODC.