BPM Consulting & Implementation

What is BPM?

Every business comprises of set of processes that helps in delivering value to customers and achieving operational excellence. Automation [using workflow] and managing [Using Reports/ Dashboards] these day today business processes by implementing specific set of software suites & tools is commonly known as Business Process Management.

Advantages of Business Process Management (BPM):

  • Data Security– User roles & admin authorization based access to organizational data.
  • Knowledge Repository – Data is documented and available in different forms at any given point of time. Saves time in emails and telephonic conversations.
  • Compliance: Automation & implementation of ‘Industry Standards & Best Practices‘ [ ISO, APQP, Six Sigma, WHO-GMP & various others] and thus helps in process adherence and achieving compliance right from user level to organizational level at global platform.
  • Visibility: Better visualization of the organizational activities & there relationships and business-to-business transactions at user-level, executive- level and to customers also.
  • Reduced Time: Less ‘Time To Market’ hence better ROI.
  • Reporting: The interactive drilled down ‘Dashboards’ and strong reporting visualize the processes and activities on real-time basis in a detailed manner.
  • Quality: Helps in achieving QUALITY at Organizational level-quality in work, quality in organizational values, quality in value- deliver model & quality in customer retention.

How we do it?

Our approach involves understanding clients’ business processes and comparing it with the best practices prevailing in that industry vertical. We discuss the pain-points and the ‘as is’ processes.

This is further supported by process automation by providing ‘PoC’ and once the client is satisfied with the value delivered by automation of processes then only the complete project is executed.