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We have SEO packages & plans for solopreneurs, start-ups, and small-medium businesses.

Beginner Plan

Professional Plan

Enterprise Plan

Price / Month

US$ 200


US$ 1000

Minimum Buy Out

3 Months

1 Month

1 Month





Keyword Difficulty Level

Low & Moderate

Low & Moderate

Low, Moderate & Hard


Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research & Analysis

Baseline Ranking Check

Duplicate Content Check

Google Penalty Check

Backlink Analysis (if required)


Website Canonical Check

Title Tag Optimization

META Tags Optimization

Heading Tags Optimization

Image Alt Tags Optimization

Content Optimization

SEO Friendly URL Setup

Site Navigation Analysis

404 Page Implementation

Broken Links Check

Website Speed Check

Google Indexed Pages Check

Robots.txt Creation

Google XML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap Setup

Hyperlink Optimization

Website Responsive Check

Website Permalinks Analysis

Internal Linking Optimization

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

On Site Blog Section Creation

Google Analytics Setup

On Site Blog Posting (Draft Copy) – Applicable from 3rd month




Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

Structured Data Setup


Search Engine Submission

Guest Blog Writing




Guest Blog Links




Guest Blog Social Bookmarking Links




Article Writing



Article Submissions



Article Marketing



Image sharing

Contextual Links

Keyword used in anchor text

Share Each Blog Post Across Social Media Networks

Web 2.0 Profile Creation




Web 2.0 Profiles Bookmarking Links

Press Release (If Client Provides News)

Upto 1 

Upto 2

Upto 4

Press Release Bookmarking Links

Social Bookmarking Links

Micro Blogging

Google Business Page Creation

Infographics Post/Month

Share each Infographics on Social Media Networks

Bing Local Listing Creation

PPT Submissions

Video Submission to YouTube (if Client provides)

Location optimization

Local Business Listings

NAP Syndication


Facebook: Profile Creation & Posting

Upto 2 Posts

Upto 4 Posts

Linkedin: Profile Creation & Posting

Upto 2 Posts

Upto 4 Posts

Instagram: Profile Creation & Posting

Upto 2 Posts

Upto 4 Posts

Pinterest: Profile Creation & Posting

Upto 2 Posts

Upto 4 Posts

Twitter: Profile Creation & Posting

Upto 2 Posts

Upto 4 Posts


Website Analytics Report

Keywords Ranking Report

Off Page Submission Report


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section to get the answers to the most common and frequent questions we hear from our prospects and clients about our SEO packages and services. This can be of great assistance to you & your business.

Why a business should go for SEO?

SEO is a long-term investment unlike paid advertisements made over social media, Google, and even newspapers. These paid advts have a life span of a few seconds to a day. Opposite to it, in SEO efforts are made to rank your web page over search engines like Google for specific keywords. These efforts yield results in form of visibility of your webpage in the organic search comparatively for a longer duration. This duration can be days, months & in some cases years after you are not investing in the SEO.

How long will it take for my website to rank after SEO has started?

In general, it takes somewhere between 3-6 months time for your website to reflect in the constant ranking for the selected keywords.

Why is it difficult to rank higher even after starting the SEO?

Remember SEO is not a secrete recipe and you are not the first one to use it. People across your industry and business niche know about its benefits and probably using it years ahead than you. So to compete them in the organic search you will have to invest more and for longer period, of course with more patience to see the results. 

I am doing SEO & need somebody who can assist me. How can you help me with that?

We offer SEO virtual assistant who will follow your processes and assist you with your day to day SEO activities. Such SEO VA are junior level SEO. You can hire them on monthly basis.

How to get started with our SEO packages?

Need not to worry, simply check the above table to select your preferred plan and contact us by dropping a message or a note on our contact us page. If you are unsure about selecting the plan, no worries as we can talk over a call and zero down upon the best fit plan for your business.

Is SEO a guaranteed way to rank in top of search engines like Google?

No, SEO is not a guaranteed way to rank web pages to the top of Google’s search. SEO packages are a great way to optimize your web pages as per Google’s guidelines so that they are crawled by Google’s spider ( bot) & it appears in the organic search. These ranks are dependent on Google’s algorithm that keeps on changing, sometimes 500 times a year. So it’s always a good practice to keep your websites updated as per Google’s guidelines and SEO is the way to keep your web pages updated. 

Some other agency is claiming and guaranteeing top ranking with their SEO packages & plans, why can't we?

Nobody can guarantee top ranking in search engines as this is totally dependent on Google’s algorithm which keeps on updating & evolving. These algorithm are not even known to Google’s employees so if someone is claiming then he might be scamming you or might rank your web pages for words that are not even keywords ( no competition words of your industry).

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