Virtual Assistants & The Most Common Uses

September 19, 2021

Virtual Assistants and the best utilization of their services is by optimized investment of time & money.

Virtual assistants help entrepreneurs get more value of time and money in the business. 

VA services helps entrepreneur to understand the importance of time and money in business. These two factors decide how far a business can go and how soon success will be achieved.

‘It is very important to understand that a single person cannot do all the business tasks so he/ she should know the art of delegation.  Before investing money and time the entrepreneur should study, research and analyze his own skills and should understand the fact that what are problem areas and his strengths?

 He should know his weaknesses and should have the courage to accept the fact wherever he is lacking. In order to run the business effectively and to focus more on the result-oriented tasks, entrepreneurs should delegate repetitive, time-consuming and those tasks that can be easily done by other people of low caliber. This also helps in saving business’s operational cost. There are human resources available in the market at very competitive rates that can do these repetitive, time-consuming and easy tasks. These human resources are commonly called virtual assistants in the business world.

“You Have To Know When To DELEGATE Down So You Can RISE UP”

A virtual assistant is a resource that looks like a low cost and low caliber resource that does easy, time consuming and repetitive tasks. Having said that, if the entrepreneur knows the art of delegating tasks to these virtual assistants then he can easily get more results out of the investment done. For instance, If a person  is planning to enter into the business of digital marketing then he has to understand the nature of various tasks involved in the business of digital marketing that can be easily supported by virtual assistants, like:

  1. Email list building,
  2. Email marketing,
  3. Search Engine Optimization,
  4. Promotional campaigns,
  5. Tele-calling, and
  6. Other custom tasks depending upon customers’ requirements.  
Email List Virtual Assistants
Blogger Virtual Assistants
Marketing Research Virtual Assistants

 As a person, one should understand that a single person cannot do all these tasks and the supporting activities involved in these tasks. Though at the beginning of any business it’s not that easy to hire all the resources because it requires Investments and also it is not possible to do all the tasks  by the business owner himself or herself. He/ She can hire some resources  however there will be many supporting tasks and activities that need to be done in order to achieve the results and due to time constraints the supporting activities and tasks cannot be done by the newly appointed or hired persons within the team.

Virtual Assistants:

Here comes the virtual assistant, entrepreneurs can hire these virtual assistants on hourly basis to do supporting tasks and activities to support the newly appointed internal team. Thus he can get more work done at a lower price resulting in better output. The in-house  team will use the data and information provided by the virtual assistants to execute the business tasks.

Thus you are saving inhouse team’s time and efforts in doing repetitive and time-consuming tasks. The in-house or the internal team can verify and evaluate the data provided by virtual assistants and consume them for the major task.  To make it super efficient and result oriented the entrepreneur along with the internal team can design business processes. Using his or her work experience define processes for all the stakeholders and create training videos  for virtual assistants.  

VA for Email List & Email Marketing:

Instead of hiring high cost email marketing and email list building managers, business owner can always define the process, create training videos on ‘How to’ and train the virtual assistant. He can use the virtual assistant for creating email campaigns, verifying the email list and sending the emails. The entrepreneur can take care of the quality of the  email list and the responses received from the campaigns. He can quickly create some training videos and share with the virtual assistant  thus ensuring the quality of work and process is maintained as per the expectation. 

Cheap Indian VA

VA for Campaign Manager & HR Consultancies:

In the same way the virtual assistant can help the entrepreneur or the campaign manager in doing the basic research and creating the list of target segments. A virtual assistant can create a list of   Facebook pages from a specific  business niche. In a similar way the virtual assistant can be utilised for other major business tasks like SEO, telecalling or even  for hiring processes by the HR Consulting firms.   

VA as Blogger:

Recently, while watching videos of one of the prominent figures from the SEO industry, he suggested a great idea to create quality content at a faster pace and low cost.  Possibly this might be already in practice by many business owners across the globe  however sharing it here is worth of everybody’s time. He suggested to hire  multiple low cost bloggers or the virtual assistants to write content and in parallel hiring a native content writer or proofreader to check, evaluate  and update these blogs into native English. Thus you can get multiple blogs in a day at a low cost and this native highly paid blogger or the proofreader will make these low quality blogs into higher quality or the native English.  The blog proofreader need not to write  content and he just need to read and correct the English. Thus saving a lot of time and money for the business. At the end of the day you get tons of content at a low price maintaining the same quality at a much faster pace, isn’t? 

VA as a Full-Time Employee:

There are many entrepreneurs, micro, small, and medium enterprises that are utilising virtual assistant services to expand the business and reduce the overall operational cost. Today in the industry business houses are hiring these virtual assistants as a full time employee when their business expands or or takes a growth path. Reason being these virtual assistants have been working with them since the beginning of the business and understand the business processes and share a good understanding with the business owners, overall forms a good team.

VA Agencies:

There are virtual assistant agencies available in the market who are helping these small businesses with their services.  The benefits of working with these virtual assistant agencies is that one can increase or decrease the number of resources required by the businesses at any given point of time without any commitment. So next time when you see a small business taking up big shape you know that there are some virtual assistants or a VA agency working behind the scenes and adding to the success of the business.

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